About the Brand

Sidebar Eyewear is your one stop shop for stylish, affordable, polarized sunglasses online! At Sidebar, we understand that your life moves fast, and accidents happen to your sunglasses. You want the advantages of expensive sunglasses like polarized lenses for your snowboarding, hiking, traveling, or surfing adventures but don’t want your wallet to suffer the consequences of losing or damaging those $300 designer glasses. The solution: Sidebar Eyewear. Our collection of cheap (all of our sunglasses are under $100), but durable polarized sunglasses will change the way you sport your shades. So feel free to make that extra ski jump or hit that surf wave a little harder than usual without of the fear of damaging your sunglasses! Our sunglasses come in an array of colors including mix and match colored lenses. Choose the color and type of lenses that fit your style, and get great polarized sunglasses to protect your eyes without breaking the bank. We also offer a customization feature that allows you to design your own slick pair of custom sunglasses. Shop our selection of discounted sunglasses online today!


Sidebar Eyewear also offers an amazing lifetime warranty on all of their online sunglasses! If your polarized sunglasses are broken or damaged at any point, simply mail us the broken pieces, and we will send you a brand new pair of replacement glasses for only $10! Talk about great service! Protect your eyes and your style with colorful and affordable sunglasses online from Sidebar!

The Story Behind the Glasses

Hi, my name is Justin Sohn, and I am the creator and owner of Sidebar Eyewear. My idea for Sidebar emerged when I woke up on a beautiful sunny morning to find that my beloved pooch had made my expensive, designer sunglasses into a chew toy. Not wanting to live a day without protecting my eyes from the bright sun, I immediately headed to the mall to snag a new pair. I was expecting a quick in and out shopping experience. Unfortunately, that was not how my sunglass shopping experience happened. I went to three different sunglasses stores, and with the entry and exit of each store I became more and more discouraged. In one of the sunglass stores, I had expressed to the salesman that I was in search of a pair of fashionable and polarized sunglasses for under $40. The salesman had a good laugh, until he realized I was serious. I was left with only two mediocre options: cheap knockoff sunglasses that don’t offer any eye protection or a designer pair of shades that would cost well over $100. In that moment, the idea for Sidebar Eyewear was born. At Sidebar, we are on a mission to bridge this gap by providing fashionable, customizable, polarized, and most importantly, affordable sunglasses online.