Materials and Construction
We've done our best sourcing and testing of the highest quality materials available. At Sidebar we believe you have the right to know exactly how your sunglasses are made.
SnapBar Hinges
The premier line has a SnapBar hinge system that allows you to take apart the sunglasses in a matter of seconds. With SnapBar hinges you can custom build your own shades whenever you want, wherever you want, by interchanging the parts between glasses.
Polarized Polycarbonate Lenses
The lenses are polarized polycarbonate and have UV filters that block 100% of UVA and UVB ultraviolet rays up to 400 nanometers. We chose polycarbonate because it is an extremely lightweight and strong material. This material is also commonly used to make bulletproof glass, crash helmets, and riot shields. It protects your eyes much better than the often-used acrylic or CR-39 lenses.
SnapBend Frames
Sidebar frames are made of a thermoplastic memory polymer that is extremely flexible and durable. It can be put under enormous pressure and flex and still return back to its original shape, completely unphased. You can bend it and twist it in any which way without having to worry about stress marks or cracks. We even ran over Sidebar frames with a 4,000-pound truck and they held up like champs! The flexibility combined with the lightweight frame really allows Sidebars to shape nicely and fit comfortably to your face.